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This document sets out key information about your relationship with Penna Plc, including details about pay, holiday entitlement and other benefits when working through a Personal Service Company which is Outside of IR35. 

Further information can be found in your contract for services with Penna Plc. 

The Employment Agency Standards (EAS) Inspectorateis the government authority responsible for the enforcement of certain agency worker rights. You can raise a concern with them directly on 020 7215 5000 or through the ACAS helpline on 0300 123 1100, Monday to Friday 8am-6pm.

General Information

Name of Employment Business: 

Penna Plc

Your Employer (if different from Employment Business): 

Contractor’s Limited Company

Type of contract you will be engaged on if you accept an assignment with Penna Plc:

Your employer will be engaged under a contract for services with Penna Plc.

Who will be responsible for paying your limited company:

Penna Plc

The pay/minimum rate of pay we expect to achieve for you (1):


How often will you be paid:


The nature of any costs or deductions required by law which will affect your pay (2):


The nature and amount (or, where the amount cannot be stated, the method of calculation) of any other costs and deductions which will affect your pay (3):


Any fees for goods/services which you must pay (4):

We do not anticipate any but will notify you of any change

Any non-monetary benefits you are entitled to receive:


Your entitlement to annual leave and holiday pay:

No entitlement from the Employment Business

Example Pay

Example of gross rate of pay (1): 


Cost and deductions from your wage by law:


Any other deductions or costs from your wage (3):


Any fees for goods or services (4):


Example net pay to your PSC:


Signing on as a Personal Services Company

This document explains your pay information if you engage as a personal service company. If you engage with an employment business as a personal service company, then you can opt out of being covered by the Conduct Regulations. 

The opt out must be given in writing to the employment business by both the PSC and the person being supplied to do the work. The employment business cannot encourage you to do this and it must be your own decision. 

Agency workers placed in roles working with, or caring for, vulnerable persons cannot opt out of the Conduct Regulations. 

This document is for information only and does not qualify as an agreement for opting out of the Conduct Regulations.

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